Delve into the dynamic realm of game development through our extensive training module. Tailored for both beginners and enthusiasts, this course is your gateway to understanding Unity, the industry-standard game development platform. From fundamental concepts to advanced gameplay mechanics, participants will be guided through a progressive learning journey, ultimately empowering them to craft their own 2D game project.

The course unfolds with an introduction to Unity, providing a solid foundation by navigating through its interface, project structure, and essential tools. Participants will explore the intricate balance of game design principles, encompassing player interaction, storytelling, and the creation of immersive gameplay experiences.

A key focus is placed on Unity scripting and programming using C#, where participants will acquire the essential skills to breathe life into game elements, from character movements to interactive objects. Advanced gameplay mechanics are also explored, enriching participants with the knowledge to implement features like scoring systems, character animations, and dynamic environments.

Game Development


  • Target: VET STUDENTS and students aged 15-18
  • Duration: 26 hours
  • Running date: From July 1 to 5 and 15 to 19 from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Course fee: 75€/day

Day by day

Introduction to Unity and Basics (6 hours)
  • Set up a Unity project
  • Navigate the Unity interface
  • Create and manipulate game objects
  • Write a simple C# script for basic interaction
  • Develop a basic 2D game project
Physics and Animation (4 hours)
  • Implement Unity physics for movement and collisions
  • Create and apply basic animations to game objects
  • Integrate simple player controls and movement
User Interface (UI) and Audio (3 hours)
  • Design and implement UI elements using Unity’s UI system
  • Integrate audio effects and background music into the project
Advanced Scripting and Gameplay Mechanics (3 hours)
  • Explore advanced C# scripting techniques.
  • Implement complex gameplay mechanics.
  • Use state machines and finite state logic.
Testing Phase(4 hours)
  • Problem solving and testing of the created materials
Final Project and Wrap-Up (6 hours)
  • Guided hands-on project development
  • Q&A session and review of key concepts.
  • Presentation and sharing of final projects.

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