Embark on a dynamic 5-day journey with “Explore Micro:bit and Robotics.” Tailored for tech enthusiasts and beginners, this immersive course covers Micro:bit basics, advanced programming, wireless communication, and hands-on robotics. Participants delve into programming foundations, wireless connectivity, and robotics projects, mastering motor control and sensor integration. Culminating in project presentations, the course provides a certificate, validating expertise in Micro:bit and Robotics. Join us for a week of exploration, innovation, and hands-on learning, unlocking exciting possibilities in the world of technology.



  • Target: VET STUDENTS and students aged 15-18
  • Duration: 26 hours
  • Running date: From June 17 to 21 from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Course fee: 75€/day

Day by day

Introduction to Micro:bit and Basics (6 hours)
  • Introduction to Micro:bit and MakeCode platform.
  • Writing and deploying a simple program.
  • Overview of the KS4007 motor driver.
  • Writing a simple program to control motors.
  • Exploring Micro:bit’s built-in sensors.
Advanced Micro:bit Programming and Motor Control (4 hours)
  • Writing programs to read sensor data.
  • Exploring advanced output options.
  • Integrating sensor inputs with motor control.
  • Understanding PWM for motor speed control.
  • Implementing speed control in motor programs.
  • Precise directional control using KS4007.
Wireless Communication, Robotics, and Project Work (6 hours)
  • Setting up and configuring radio
  • Sending basic commands between two Micro:bits.
  • Integrating radio communication with motor control.
  • Creating a simple two-robot interaction project.
  • Participants work on a small robotic project.
External Hardware, Autonomous Robotics, and Closing (4 hours)
  • Introduction to external hardware.
  • Hands-on integration with external hardware.
  • Introduction to autonomous robotics.
  • Final project presentations, certificates, and closing remarks.
Review and Project Work (6 hours)
  • Review of key concepts and skills
  • Continued work on projects
  • Project completion and refinement
  • Final project presentations

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